Pictures of Pictures

One of the many pleasures of my job, is the opportunity to work with other creative people. Valerie Lewis Mankoff has become a mentor and dear friend of mine, as we both pursue our love for the arts.

I have been photographing Valerie's mixed media paintings since 2009. Her body of work is ever growing and changing. She continues to uncover new layers of herself and her paintings; never afraid to start over, try again, or seek a new challenge. 

Link through to her website, by clicking on the photo to your right, where you can view, and purchase, her paintings.

All painting by Valerie Lewis Mankoff

Bringing the Past to Life

You can probably guess that I was not the photographer who took these photos! However, I am responsible for digitally restoring them. A little love in Photoshop goes a long way for those old family favorites. 

Before and After

Before and After



NEW! Wedding Packaging!

Making the move to USB in 2015!

Now wedding clients will receive their wedding photographs on a more unique and convenient media device. We are keeping up with technology as it goes faster, and gets smaller... However, its design is still one with nature. 

These little high speed drives click open and closed with their magnetic cap. Each wooden USB drive is packaged in handmade birch boxes. A little treasure box full of one's most precious  memories for you to hold in your hand and remember forever. 

Custom Album Design

Wedding albums become family heirlooms. It is the most classic way to relive your wedding day. I have cracked open my parent's album countless times, and I am sure my children's children will look through it as well.  

All of my albums are hand made in the USA. I custom design each page and retouch all of the photographs. Customization is endless with the variety of products I offer. Please contact me if you are interested, and I can send you a pdf of the brochure. 

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Featured on Tough Mudder

A very special bride and groom of mine met in quite a messy way!

Kim and Mike met in 2012 during a Tough Mudder race, and have become a Tough Mudder Love icon! The photograph selected was of the happy couple running onto the dance floor, as they were announced husband and wife, sporting their Mudder bandanas and all!! 

Sarah Ginder Photography featured on Tough Mudder's website for Valentine's Day 2015 

Sarah Ginder Photography featured on Tough Mudder's website for Valentine's Day 2015